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ConservativeHome goes global

ConservativeHome goes global
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A post about the blogosphere, I know – but I thought CoffeeHousers might appreciate a link to the new ConservativeHome USA site that launched in the past hour. It is, of course, a sister site to the UK's very own ConservativeHome which, under the thoughtful editorship of Tim Montgomerie, has done so much to clarify the often hazy ground between the internet, politics and grassroots activism. Tim will, of course, be involved with the American project, but it's also got its own editorial team in the form of Ryan Streeter and Natalie Gonnella.

The posts on Day One gives us a good sense of what we can expect in future: wide-ranging comment on, and analysis of, the entire US conservative movement. Ryan has a piece outlining the "pro-enterprise, pro-household, pro-shared sacrifice" GOP that he would like to see in future. Tim sifts through Sarah Palin's letter to the Republican party. And, tomorrow, George Osborne will be writing for the site on the common ground between conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic. All that, along with more posts, and a range of features that will be familiar to readers of ConservativeHome UK.

Anyway, I'll let you delve through the site yourself. If you want a clear window on American politics, and particularly on the Republican party, then ConservativeHome USA is certainly one to bookmark.