Peter Hoskin

Contrasting Cameron and Osborne

Contrasting Cameron and Osborne
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Judging by the Independent's preview, as well as the quotes that ConHome have managed to get their hands on, Cameron is going to do Hope 'n' Change in his speech today.  Yes, he talks about a "steep climb ahead," but he adds that "the view from the summit will be worth it."

This sounds like the growth and recovery element which many thought was lacking from the Osborne speech.  As it happens, there was actually a growth section in a near-to-final draft of the Shadow Chancellor's address, but it was taken out over concerns about timing.

I suspect the double act - Osborne selling pain, with Cameron selling hope - will work out quite nicely for the Tories, and will become their template in the run-up to the election.  The thinking is that it deflects from one of Osborne's perceived weaknesses: that he's not serious or experienced enough to be Chancellor.  While it plays to Cameron's strengths: his vitality, and the fact he is seen as a man for Britain's future.