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In the light of all the Sarah Palin entertainment, Matt Yglesias asks a good question: how should you cook moose anyway? He links to some recipes (Moose nose in jelly??) some of which confirm my suspicion that you should treat moose as though it were venison or, even, at a pinch, wild boar. Slow and low is almost certainly the way to go. So I'd hazard that this would be a pretty good moose feast:

Marinade your hunk of moosemeat (leg? Loin? Does it matter?) for at least 24 hours in a bottle of country red wine, with plenty of garlic, juniper berries, salt, pepper, thyme, marjoram, bayleaves etc. Rosemary would work fine too. Basically any combination of strong herbs.

Next day, drain your moose (but reserve the marinade liquid) pat dry and stud with lardons, making sure to shove them deep into the meat. Brown your leg/haunch in a hot roasting pan. Add roughly chopped onions, carrots and celery then put in a slow oven. Strain your marinade liquid and add to the pot after half an hour. Leave in the oven for at least two hours (and probably longer) orĀ  until the meat is absurdly tender. Add extra liquid, of course, if the meat looks as though it is becoming too dry.

Serve with redcurrant (or rowan) jelly and a potato-celeriac mash or something of that sort. Chestnuts would work too.

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