David Cameron’s Greensill riches uncovered

David Cameron's Greensill riches uncovered
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Shame, opprobrium and multiple select committee grillings – was the disgrace of Greensill worth it for David Cameron? The answer would now appear to be yes, judging from documents obtained by the BBC ahead of a Panorama special programme tonight on the story of the company's collapse.

According to the Beeb, Cameron made about £7 million from the finance company prior to its collapse in March of this year. Documents indicate the Old Etonian received £3.25 million after cashing in Greensill shares in 2019 with details being revealed in a letter from the business to the onetime Tory leader.

The letter suggests Cameron was going to be paid £3.3 million after tax for a tranche of his Greensill shares. While Panorama has not seen Cameron's signed acceptance of the offer, the programme's journalists report that the letter records he had already agreed to the deal. 

As well as the shares, Cameron received a salary of £720,000 a year as a part-time adviser with Panorama reporting that Cameron was paid a bonus of £504,000 in 2019 on top of his salary – a grand pre-tax total of around £7 million for two-and-a-half years' part-time work.

Steerpike wonders how many shepherd's huts that could have bought him. Let's hope the money was worth it – given the ignominy subsequently heaped on the ex premier, it seems such lucrative job offers will be harder to come by in future.

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