Peter Hoskin

David Miliband reinforces his monetary advantage

David Miliband reinforces his monetary advantage
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I can't work out what's stranger: that anyone, let along the author Ken Follett, should donate £100,000 to Ed Balls' leadership campaign, or that the Liverpool footballer Jamie Carragher ("Mr Liverpool") should give £10,000 to the devoted Evertonian Andy Bunrham. Either way, they're probably the two stand-out entries in the latest list of Labour leadership donations.

But the real story is the same as the last time the donations were published: David Miliband's monetary advantage. Even with Ed Balls raising £103,000 in July, the elder Miliband brother still comes out on top with £138,835 – adding to an overall war chest which dwarfs those of all the other contenders. The question now is whether this fuels the idea that David Miliband is a leader-in-waiting, or whether it helps his rivals paint him as someone trying to buy the campaign. And the answer could, at least, alter the sway of this stuttering contest.

Team Ed Miliband is emphasising that their man has collected £58,000 in smaller donations, from 682 people.