Dawn Butler’s Extinction Rebellion riddle

Dawn Butler on Politics Live (BBC)
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When Dawn Butler sent a message of support to Extinction Rebellion protesters who had blockaded newspaper printworks, it wasn't long before her tweet was deleted. So what happened? 

It was widely assumed that the order to delete the message came from the top of the Labour party and showed all too clearly that things are now very different under the leadership of Keir Starmer. Not so, said Butler. 

Instead, the Corbynite Labour MP insisted that the controversial tweet disappeared 'by accident'. She told the BBC's Politics Live:

'Erm, well, there is a story behind that...tweet was deleted by accident but I don't want to distract from that question. But the thing is, I've boycotted the Sun and will never buy the Daily Mail. I support Extinction Rebellion...'

The mystery continues...

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