Tamzin Lightwater

DD goes berserk

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Well, they can't say I didn't warn them. DD has finally lost it. Why did Dave have to go and put him in charge of this stupid social mobility thingy. Now he has a mini empire and is behaving like a power crazed dictator.

Today he had one of his poor girls frog marched from the Commons in a military style "counter-coup" operation.

By all accounts it was absolutely chilling. One minute he was promising to take her to the National Tank Museum, the next he was ranting about insurgency, ordering her about by her surname and demanding her badge back.

Accused her of leaking stories about how capricious and unpredictable he can be. (The truth is we all leak those. Could have been any one of about 50 of us).

Anyway, the point is, a serious refugee situation is now developing with researchers queuing up to get out of The Bunker. Of course we can't find homes for all of them, but Nigel says we have to try. We just had emergency meeting and agreed we would try to take as many as we can. Unfortunately we can't take Katerina back, the one we just gave DD as part of his new pay and conditions, because Essex Gary, our communications director, has got her "all wired up". Not sure what this means. Possibly he's given her too much coffee. This is good. She'll need to stay awake and keep her wits about her...