Derren Brown tells Daily Mail hacks to commit suicide

Derren Brown tells Daily Mail hacks to commit suicide
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Last year Benedict Cumberbatch came under fire for giving an impromptu expletive-filled rant on the government's handling of the refugee crisis following a performance of Hamlet at the Barbican. While critics suggested that the theatre was not the right venue for the rant, at least Cumberbatch's airing happened after the show had finished.

Alas the same cannot be said for Derren Brown. Steerpike understands that the illusionist has a regular slot in his Miracle show where he shares his views on journalists who work for the Daily Mail. Disgruntled audience members -- who have attended on different nights -- were surprised to hear Brown say that Daily Mail hacks should commit suicide. What's more, the charming mentalist adds that they need not bother writing a suicide note explaining their reasons as everyone would understand why:

'Kill yourselves, don't bother leaving a note -- people will understand.'

One audience members reports that he went so far during one performance as to say 'just f---ing kill yourself' in relation to Mail hacks.

While the specific reason for the comments is not known, back in November Brown's fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations after the writer Jane Fryer appeared to reveal details of the show which were meant to be kept secret in a feature for the Daily Mail:

A spokesman for Brown insists that the comments need to be seen in the context of the show and that the Daily Mail is not the only paper Brown is prone to discuss.

Still, Brown isn't the first luvvie to take issue with the paper. In recent years, a host of 'caring' celebrities have joined the trend for 'hating the Daily Mail' -- accusing the paper of encouraging xenophobia and bigotry. Yet for all of the Mail's supposed sins, Steerpike is yet to read an article in the paper that suggests any section of society should kill themselves...

Given that Brown's new Channel 4 show Pushed to the Edge looks at whether he can convince an ordinary man to push a man off the roof of a building, Mr S hopes that Brown refrains from enlisting any Mail hacks as volunteers.