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Douthat of the Times!

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Good news for the New York Times; bad news for the Atlantic. Ross Douthat is going to be Bill Kristol's replacement on the op-ed page. Even better, in addition to his columns, Ross will be blogging at the NYT. This is splendid news and it's hard to think how the NYT could have made a better choice. It's also a bold one since Ross hasn't spent 20 years "earning" his spot on the op-ed page. This is a generational shift and thus, surprising. But welcome!

I heartily recommend Ross's book - written in partnership with his co-conspirator and sometime Spectator contributor Reihan Salam - Grand New Party which contains lots of interesting and provocative ideas for the future of the Republican party.

UPDATE: Virginia Postrel would also have been a good choice. And yes, as Marbury says, so would David Frum. But Ross's interests are wider than Frum's I think. Also, Virginia is a libertarian and the Times wanted a conservative. Still, although Ross is a Senior Editor at the Atlantic, it's his blogging (and his book) that have persuaded the Times to hire a 29 year old. Ross is a blogger-turned-columnist, not a columnist-with-a-blog. It will be interesting to see how that distinction informs his work at the NYT.

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