Ed Miliband is subject of ridicule in new song

Ed Miliband is subject of ridicule in new song
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After anti-austerity protesters turned on Russell Brand for endorsing Labour at a protest on Saturday, it was only a matter of time til Ed Miliband faced a similar backlash over his party's defeat.

Alas for Miliband, his takes musical form. Sleaford Mods - the working class mod band - have attacked the former Labour leader in their new album, with the song In Quiet Streets:

'Miliband got hit with the ugly stick, not that it matters. The chirping c--t obviously wants the country in tatters'

Boris Johnson is also in their firing line with the song Rupert Trousers inspired by his speech at last year’s party conference, where he used a brick to demonstrate his plan to build more homes.

While Mr S advises party press officers against trying to use any of the duo's music for party political broadcasts, others may also want to keep their distance. Given that the band - who are performing at Glastonbury - have previously said 'We’re not socialists, we’re not f--king communists and we’re not Billy Bragg-ists', 'prosecco socialist' Charlotte Church may want to avoid them when she attends Glasto this weekend.