Peter Hoskin

Election update

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Just an update on some of the election figures:

139 of 159 councils have now declared their results, and it just gets better and better for the Tories.  They've picked up 221 seats; Labour have lost 257; and the Lib Dems have picked up 29.  But the battering's not over for Labour - Sky are reporting that they're set to lose an astonishing 329 seats.  A quick look at this nifty New Statesman / Politics Home graphic shows that the Tories are firmly in champagne territory, whilst Team Brown are probably headbutting the panic button.

As far as the mayoral race is concered, Sky are ahead of the game once again.  Adam Boulton's just reported that "it looks comfortable for Boris".  Is that the sound of more corks popping at CCHQ?