Ross Clark

Everyone benefits | 12 February 2005

Gems from the Panglossian world of government press releases

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Government continues drive for better, more efficiently organised public services

In a guidance pack sent out today to Leaders and Chief Executives of all local authorities in England, the government outlines how local authorities will measure and report efficiency gains they have achieved by means of a three-stage self-assessment process. This method has been determined following consultation with a group of local authorities and organisations including the Audit Commission, Local Government Association and INLOGOV of the University of Birmingham. The pack offers guidance on how change agents such as the Regional Centres of Excellence will support local authorities in delivering efficiency gains.
Local government minister Nick Raynsford said: ‘This is a real win:win opportunity for local government as all savings can be reinvested in improved services or used to reduce council tax.’
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, 28 January