Extinction Rebellion target MPs’ offices

Extinction Rebellion target MPs' offices
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The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is making its way through the final stages of the parliamentary process — and not a moment too soon it seems. For the legislation, which aims to deter direct action protests, might be called into action to deal with the latest shenanigans of Extinction Rebellion. Leaked documents obtained by Mr S reveal that the 'eco-activists' are planning another 'mass resistance' action day for 9 April, with the group aiming to have at least 3,000 so-called 'Rebels' arrested on that day alongside a demonstration in Hyde Park.

According to the 'XRUK Strategy 2022,' the emphasis this spring will be on what XR is calling 'Local Coup D’etat Action.' Ahead of May's local elections, the group are demanding that councils take more action on climate change, such as by divesting their pension schemes from fossil fuels and preventing government projects that contribute to carbon emissions. These include airport expansion schemes, road building projects and, er, HS2, according to XR. 

Among the tactics suggested by internal group documents include occupying and spray-painting council buildings and MPs' offices, with one suggestion being to: 'flood your Council House reception area or entrance steps with as much (oily coloured) water as possible!' The group claim that:

Our leaders still don’t have a plan and are perpetuating mass crimes against humanity, which shows us that their words were sadly all lies. This year we must hold them all to account for lying to the public on their commitments, for not acting fast enough or proportionally to the crisis.

Action is planned in the fortnight up to election day on 5 May. Advice to potential rebels is to first sign an open letter and then ramp it up by:

Giving your council a final warning creatively during a council meeting, by calling them out. Warn them if they don't reach your demands then your local XR group will be forced to take disruptive action to the streets imminently.

Other tactics include withholding payment of council tax, with Extinction Rebellion suggesting 'Rebels': 'launch a local Council Tax Strike and invite the public/local rebels to join it by refusing to pay ten per cent of their council tax because the council haven't met your demands.' With some understatement, the group does add the disclaimer: 'make sure participants know their legal rights and risks in withholding tax.'

Mr S hopes that municipal bureaucrats across the country have their flood defences prepared...

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