Rod Liddle

Fabio the fall guy

Fabio the fall guy
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How quickly they’ve all turned, the supposed football experts who, three months ago, were proclaiming Fabio Capello as the greatest manager since Sir Alf. Praising the discipline he imposed upon his team, praising his “flexible” 4-4-2 formation. Two adverse results against crap teams is all it took. Now he was wrong to have been strict with his pack of overpaid muppets, wrong to have stuck to 4-4-2. The press has joined the whine of complaint coming from the England dressing room; incredibly, it is on the side of the players.

As a consequence, Fabio Capello has been publicly humiliated by both the team and the man he demoted from the captaincy, John Terry. Terry and the players demanded a meeting and were determined, during the meeting, to have their way. The team should play as the players want to play, they let it be known, and maybe we should pick the team too. Such epic nerve from these overrated and self-obsessed idiots – and the disgrace is that the press has connived in Capello’s humiliation. If I were Fabio Capello I think I’d walk out now and tell them to get stuffed. Part of me hopes Slovenia absolutely murder them.