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From the archive: With the Benedictines

From the archive: With the Benedictines
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From 18 October 1946: Their whole aim and object is to exemplify in their lives and corporate activity their sense of participation in the mystical Body of Christ; and they believe that prayer in common and, above all, the maintenance of a spirit of prayerfulness throughout the day brings them nearer to it than the excessive individualism of such Renaissance mystics as St Theresa and St John of the Cross. Consequently, little or no time is allotted to private prayer, the stress being put upon group-loyalty after the pattern of the early Christians. The whole life hangs together as by a gossamer-thread; but to realise it, to feel its full message and intensity, one has, of course, to live it oneself. One has, all the time, the sense of living in two worlds at once, the ordinary world of ‘reality’ and the world of the symbolical and the Divine.