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G is for Gower

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Well, better late than never, here's the long, even keenly, awaited G XI. No excuses for its late arrival, but comfort yourselves with the thought that you'll have less time to wait before the H XI arrives to batter everyone else's bowling to pieces.

So, following Armstrong, Benaud, Constantine, DexterEdrich and Fry, it is time for Gower.

1. Sunil Gavaskar (IND)

2. Gordon Greenidge (WI)

3. David Gower (ENG) (Capt)

4. WG Grace (ENG)

5. Tom Graveney (ENG)

6. Adam Gilchrest (AUS) (Wkt)

7. Tony Greig (ENG)

8. Jack Gregory (AUS)

9. Joel Garner (WI)

10. Clarrie Grimmett (AUS)

11. Lance Gibbs (WI)

Number of players from each country in the series so far:England 31, Australia 13, West Indies 9, South Africa 7, India 7, Pakistan 5, New Zealand 4, Zimbabwe 1

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