Peter Hoskin

Getting the balance right

Getting the balance right
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So what's happened to the Tories' policy-a-day blitz that was meant to fill all of January?  Tory announcements and speeches were happening thick 'n' fast at the beginning of last week, and, obviously, we had Cameron's speech yesterday – but it hasn't been quite as non-stop as we were led to believe. 


This is intentional.  As James has already pointed out, the Tories were all too happy to let Labour scrap underneath the limelight last week.  And there's also a realisation that they may have been overdoing it previously.  Some Tories around Westminster are now talking more of one Big Announcement per week.


That sounds about right to me, and deals with some of the qualms I raised before Christmas.  Sure, the Tories need to do more to sell their policies to the public.  But they also need to give the public time to properly digest them.