Gina Miller’s party flop

Gina Miller's party flop
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Political parties are very much in vogue at the moment so naturally Gina Miller had to get in on the act. Steerpike's favourite millionaire barrister has launched her long-awaited centrist initiative this morning, hailing the advent of the 'True and Fair party' before an audience of just, er, thirteen people – unlucky for some. Mr S is no political scientist but the fact he knew 30 per cent of the attendee list personally would suggest the project doesn't exactly scream 'mass membership movement.' Will Miller be suing those who didn't turn up?

By way of comparison, around 40 people are reported to have attended Boris Johnson's drinks in May 2020 meaning you could get three Miller launches into every No. 10 garden party. Maybe if Gina had made it 'BYOB' she would have had a better turnout. One attendee who did turn up (only because she was technically paid to do so) was Politics Home reporter Noa Hoffman. She told Mr S: 

The launch event was quite cringeworthy – there were 13 people in the audience but among them were members of her team and the firm hired to do comms for the party. That said the free merchandise on offer was top quality and Gina looked dressed to impress.

Give the people what they want, eh? Gina should have got Martin Reynolds to organise it – he might have some more free time soon.

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