David Blackburn

Gordon’s off the hook, for the moment

Gordon’s off the hook, for the moment
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Oooh, there’s just been a wonderful exchange at the Chilcot Inquiry. Baroness Prashar was asking some kindergarten questions about military planning. She barely mentioned Geoff Hoon’s evidence that the MoD was chronically under-funded and short of equipment before, during and after the conflict, and merely concentrated on 'visible military planning', or the lack of it to be precise.  

Blair is much more assured after lunch than he was immediately before, and gave one of those of those “Trust me, I’m Tony” spiels about the armed forces’ readiness. He added earnestly, “I never refused a request for money to pay for arms and equipment during my time as Prime Minister,” an utterance that was accompanied with a stifled chuckle and a twinkle of the eye. The Baroness didn’t take the bait. What a disappointment. More on planning to come, I wonder if Prashar will ask a pertinent question about Basra? Not so far.