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Gore’s message is confusing, can Geri be clearer?

Gore's message is confusing, can Geri be clearer?
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Al Gore's message to the planet is that the cavalry are not the cavalry: the American Indians are the cavalry. An Inconvenient Truth? More confusing than inconvenient, I would say. Never mind: Al looks the part in earth tone polo shirt. One might be forgiven for thinking the man was planning another run at the presidency (see James's piece in this week's magazine): that would be one way for the world to recover from the Bush presidency, simply by pretending it never happened. Meanwhile, the Black Eyes Peas are rocking the house at Wembley: 'Let's Get It Started' was especially funky today. Their female singer is called Fergie - a possible source of confusion to those still absorbing last week's rocking royals at the Diana concert. Climate change is very bad, but at least it's turned out nice today. Here comes Geri Haliwell to make a speech....