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Graphs Menu: a work in progress

Graphs Menu: a work in progress
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New template:

Six templates:

3. Line chart, no nav, decile x-axis: ywulob

6. Date x-axis, with navigator: efubow

7. Area chart: azuseb

8. Column chart, no nav, disappearing values above each bar: ekusyq

9. Line chart with linked series: opigab

10. Bar chart: orekyg

GRAPH 3. Line chart with decile x-axis. Code: ywulob

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  • Could you implement an option so I can easily turn off the flag. When I've tried turning it off in the code other bits of the chart start to go wrong!
  • Graph 6: Line chart with date x-axis and navigator: efubow

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    • We need an option to disable the flags easily – or if there is one already, could you let me know how to do it?
    • GRAPH 7: Stacked area chart, no nav bar: azuseb

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      Graph 8: Column chart, no navigator, disappearing values above each bar: ekusyq Click here to edit:

      9. Line chart with linked series and series hidden by default href="">opigab  
      10. Bar chart –        
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