Grayson Perry declares war on macho men: ‘Bear Grylls celebrates a masculinity that is useless’

Grayson Perry declares war on macho men: 'Bear Grylls celebrates a masculinity that is useless'
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As more and more people identify as 'gender-fluid', there is growing hostility in some quarters towards traditional gender stereotypes. In fact, for some the term 'masculinity' has become a dirty word.

Grayson Perry -- the cross-dressing Turner prize-winning artist -- is one such person. Perry has recently spent his time creating a whole television programme for Channel 4 dedicated to highlighting the problems that stem from 'masculinity and manly men'.

Top of his no-no list? Bear Grylls. Yes, Perry says that the Old Etonian adventurer is a 'hangover' who represents a 'masculinity that is useless':

'Try going into an estate agent in Finsbury Park and come out with an affordable flat. I want to see Bear Grylls looking for a decent state school for his child!'

As for Grylls' show The Island -- which sees contestants of both genders try and survive in the wilderness -- Perry says it helps foster a masculinity that makes life in modern society more difficult:

'Men might be good at taking the risk of stabbing someone or driving a car very fast, but when it comes to opening up, men are useless. Masculinity is a decorative feature that is essentially counter-productive.'

Happily Grylls seem non-plussed about the criticism. He has responded with a statement:

'In the wild, quiet courage, humility, persistence and selflessness makes a man and also a woman. That is never outdated.'

Of course, if Perry were to ever have to leave his London home and brave the wilderness, Mr S suspects he may change his mind on how useful such 'masculinity' really is.

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