Guardian journalist enjoys wild night on David Cameron’s private jet

Guardian journalist enjoys wild night on David Cameron's private jet
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With the newspapers frequently filled with tales of former public schoolboys misbehaving abroad, Mr S was unsurprised to hear reports that a Westminster School alumnus had enjoyed a rather lively flight from Asia to Britain.

Still, given that the man in question was aboard the Prime Minister's private jet, perhaps he ought to have known better. Step forward Patrick Wintour. Word reaches Steerpike that the Guardian's political editor has become the talk of David Cameron's Malaysia trip after being the life and soul of the party on the flight back to Britain.

According to Mr S's mole the journey got off to a bad start when Cameron failed to call Wintour by his name on board, instead opting for simply 'Guardian'. The awkward exchange came as Cameron hobnobbed through the plane with all the business delegation. As he got to the back where the lobby journalist was sat he addressed Patrick – who has been the Guardian's political editor since 2006 – as 'Guardian', asking him: 'Guardian. Good trip?'

While Mr S can't vouch for Wintour's time in Malaysia, he is assured by onlookers that Wintour did at least have a good trip back despite the name snub. Wintour – who appeared to be enjoying the champagne on offer – decided the time had come for him to be a trolley dolly and assisted an air hostess by taking the other end of the trolley.

To the surprise of ministers on the plane, he made his way down the aisle putting ice and lemon in the cups, and getting drinks out of the drawers on his side of the trolley, repeatedly shouting 'this is so easy'.

Given that the Guardian is still reporting losses of over £19million despite a twenty per cent traffic increase, Mr S commends Wintour for at least considering a second career.

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