Rod Liddle

Harriet the hypocrite

Harriet the hypocrite
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Harriet Harman has been forced to apologise for having called Danny Alexander a “ginger rodent”. Her “quip” came as the highlight of a speech to the Scottish Labour Party Conference; we in Labour are conservationists, we love the red squirrel, but there’s one ginger rodent we never want to see in Scotland and that’s Danny Alexander. Absolutely fucking hilarious, isn’t it? You deconstruct the painful, laborious joke and look for something funny, or meaningful about it, and there is nothing. Alexander – who may well be an utter arse, I’m sure, and certainly does a passable imitation of one – does not look like a rodent, still less a squirrel. Harriet has told a joke without a punchline, a point – it is just nastiness for the sake of it.

Now, I’m all in favour of nastiness for the sake of it – but this brain dead middle class harridan is not, according to her own lights. She is, rather, the personification of political correctness; humourless, authoritarian, sententious, desperate to pick up on any real or imagined slight against any one of a number of victim-groups, pre-eminent among them women. Someone prosecute her, now.