Has Sadiq Khan taken another pop at Jeremy Corbyn?

Has Sadiq Khan taken another pop at Jeremy Corbyn?
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Since Sadiq Khan was elected as Labour's mayoral candidate, he has made an effort to distance himself from Jeremy Corbyn. Although Khan was one of the Labour MPs to help Corbyn get onto the ballot, after Khan won the nomination he turned on the Labour leader -- suggesting that Corbyn's refusal to sing the National Anthem showed he could be unfit to be Prime Minister.

Now it seems that Khan just can't help himself even when he is trying to attack the Tories. His team have released an attack ad on Zac Goldsmith -- the Tory candidate for mayor -- in the form of a mocked-up CV.

CV Zac

The 'CV' lists the reasons Goldsmith is not suitable to be the mayor of London, citing the fact his family connections led to his first 'proper job' at The Ecologist magazine. However, perhaps the most stinging attack comes under the heading 'record of failure'. They claim Goldsmith's record shows he is 'simply not good enough for ministerial office', pointing to the fact that he has never been given a ministerial position by David Cameron.

But who else has never been viewed 'good enough for ministerial office' within their own party? Only Jeremy Corbyn. In fact, Corbyn managed to go 32 years on the backbench without ever being called to a ministerial role, before he was elected as Labour leader.

Mr S suspects that Khan may wish to tread carefully as his campaign progresses. After all, he wouldn't want to upset the Corbynistas who helped him win the nomination, would he?