High life | 1 June 2017

Instead of sticking to his campaign pledges, he’s sucking up to the Saudis

High life | 1 June 2017
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I feel like an obituary writer, what with Nick Scott, Roger Moore, Alistair Horne — all great buddies — and now my oldest and closest friend, Aleko Goulandris, dead at 90. Mind you, they all had very good lives: plenty of women, lots of fun, accomplishments galore, and many children and grandchildren. And they all reached a certain age — what else can you ask of this ludicrous life of ours?

Well, I won’t be writing about the high life this week, but scum life instead. And I’ll tell you why: those innocent young children slaughtered by that Islamist scumbag in Manchester, that’s why. Those sweet young lives deserved better, and what drives me to tears is that none of this had to happen — not in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Boston, Orlando, London or anywhere else where Islamist scum has murdered and maimed the innocent and defenceless.

It does not require a functioning occipital lobe to point the finger at the guilty party: political correctness. During the second world war, anyone under the slightest suspicion of having sympathies for the Axis powers was immediately interned. At times they went overboard, as, for example, when Oswald and Diana Mosley were jailed, a couple who were as likely to aid and abet Britain’s enemies as I am to change sex.

But here we have Angela Merkel handing out her usual baloney, having opened her borders to more than a million migrants, many of them posing as refugees. Or that other clown from Luxembourg, who I wish had been in Manchester last week and had lost a leg or two, or maybe his miserable life. And what about my golden boy Trump? What has he done lately? Instead of sticking to his guns and keeping Muslims out, as he pledged during his campaign, he goes to Saudi Arabia and inserts his orange face deep into the rectum of the man whose country started the whole murderous campaign against us by financing terror and the schools all over the world that teach it.

Actually, if it weren’t for political correctness, the luvvies and the usual suspects on the left, all those in Europe and in America who travelled to the Middle East to fight with Isis could simply have been immediately jailed. Instead of committing 60 — yes, 60 — policemen to monitor a suspect 24/7, and the incredible cost that surveillance involves, all we have to do is throw them into jail for the duration. No habeas corpus, no nothing. They have committed treason and treason deserves the ultimate penalty. But as we can no longer hang them, let’s at least jail them until they become too old to be a danger.

A government’s first task is to protect its subjects, and the governments of neither Europe nor America have done this. This Libyan thug had not only travelled to Libya, but had also been spotted spouting Islamist garbage in the middle of Manchester. Yet he was allowed to walk around undisturbed. Oh, how they must be laughing at us, those fat jihadists who order these massacres of children.

Words, as everyone but the morons who believe politicians know, are cheap. In a couple of weeks we will be hearing that old mantra of Islam being a religion that preaches love. (I suddenly need to puke while writing these words.) We are at war, and should jail anyone who has taken up arms for Islamic State or preaches violence. Don’t wait for the courts; it’s like waiting for Godot. Charge them with treason and stick them in the pokey.

What an irony that Trump said while in Saudi that ‘the terrorists and extremists and those who give them aid and comfort must be driven out’. That asshole Salman, posing as a king, should have taken a bow. After the Orlando massacre in a gay nightclub, when 49 men were killed, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a black American, never once mentioned the word Islam. ‘His motives may never be known,’ was as far as she went. Ditto Obama after the San Bernardino killings: he urged Congress to pass stricter gun laws, never mentioning the fact that the killings were committed by husband and wife scumbags who had been radicalised in Saudi and the Middle East.

Abedi was known to the fuzz, but what good did it do to those innocent young girls who lost their lives so cruelly after the concert? Had he been thrown in jail once he had taken to reciting Islamic prayers loudly in the streets — in view of the fact that he had just returned from Libya — all those poor kids would still be alive.

See what I mean by political correctness being the main culprit? Our leaders are such hypocrites that I, for one, have given up. I thought that Trump might do something but then he goes and genuflects to the Saudis and tells the Israelis — who started this whole mess by grabbing other people’s lands 50 years ago this week, the longest occupation of modern times — how well they’re doing, and yes, do start a peace process with those whose land you’ve taken away. Well, I was never very good at picking horses, but I did pick well where the fairer sex is concerned. Close the borders and stick those who have travelled south in jail.