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Highlights from the latest Spectator | 11 March 2010

Highlights from the latest Spectator | 11 March 2010
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The latest issue of the Spectator is out today, and here are my top five features:

Nick Clegg takes to the stage. With a hung Parliament looking increasingly likely, I thought we should pay a bit of attention to the Lib Dem leader in this week's issue.  Interviewed by me, he does his best to reach out to Tory voters - pointing to his party's tax-cutting agenda and its spending cut-heavy plan to lower the deficit. He even cites Margaret Thatcher as an inspiration - we put up an excerpt on Coffee House yesterday.  Meanwhile, Bruce Anderson warns Tories to avoid Clegg at all costs: the Lib Dem leader's allegiance is, Bruce writes, to a federal Europe.

Who'll hold the balance of power in a hung parliament?  James Forsyth looks at the various factions of parliament which will make their voices heard - and perhaps create trouble for their leaders - in the event of a hung parliament. The kingmakers could lurk in unexpected corners of the House.  

Leave the sparrowhawks alone. It's unlikely that birds of prey have anything to do with the decline in garden songbirds, says Rod Liddle. And, anyway, what right have we got to play God with wildlife?

The truth about Sir Kenneth Dover. The Oxford scholar, Sir Kenneth Dover, who died this week, has been wrongly portrayed as an attention-seeking, sex-and-violence academic. Peter Jones sets the record straight about this brilliant and modest man.

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