Ian Lavery’s period of reflection

Ian Lavery's period of reflection
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After Labour's catastrophic showing in the 2019 general election, most sensible people in the party decided that now was the perfect time to reflect on the result, and try to understand why it had lost so many voters in its former heartlands in the North and Midlands.

Well, for Ian Lavery, the bellicose Corbynite MP for Wansbeck, that period of reflection is now finally over. And what did the former president of the National Union of Mineworkers learn? Perhaps that campaigning about justice for miners, when you took £165,000 from their union, was a bad idea? Or that your dear leader, as all the polling showed, was deeply unpopular in most of the country?

Nope. Instead Lavery has concluded that he should make no apologies for 'offering "TOO MUCH" hope, justice, equality, fairness, ambition & aspiration to those in great need.'

With this level of self-awareness, how can Labour go wrong?

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