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In this week’s Spectator | 14 January 2010

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On the face of it, the Robinson scandal is about hypocrisy, staggering hypocrisy. But there is more to it than that. Rod Liddle is convinced that Northern Ireland’s First Minister and his wife held religious beliefs that made ordinary life – and marriage – impossible.

The British military has been horribly overstretched by the wars of the Labour years, says Max Hastings. But the Tories’ only option will be to cut further still. Hideous decisions lie ahead.

On his latest trip to Africa, Matthew Parris noticed that where there are white 'overlander' tourists, and especially white overlanding women, there are black dreadlocked men.

Another week, another plot and still the Labour leadership issue remains unresolved. James Forsyth examines Labour’s cycle of deceit.

Michael Kennedy reflects that in his sixty years as a music critic the most surprising development has been the huge growth in Mahler’s popularity.