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Introducing Table Talk, a new podcast from Spectator Life

Prue Leith on the worst cake she ever made, why she hates washing up, and what she takes away from the Great British Bake Off.

Introducing Table Talk, a new podcast from Spectator Life
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Olivia Potts and I are delighted to be launching Table Talk, a new Spectator Life podcast with Spectator Radio.

Each episode, Olivia – who writes the Vintage Chef column – and I will be joined by a guest familiar to Spectator readers. We will discuss their life story, through the food and drink that has come to define it.

For our inaugural episode, we’re joined by Prue Leith: chef, restaurateur, broadcaster, journalist, novelist and, of course, Great British Bake Off presenter. We speak to her about her time in South Africa and Paris, and how that helped shape her attitude to food. We hear about some of her cooking mishaps, making sandwiches for both toffs and builders, being the first woman to have a proper restaurant in London and why she hates washing up. We also speak to Prue about her new book, My All-time Favourite Recipes – and hear how she decided what made the cut.

We do hope you’ll enjoy this new addition to Spectator Radio. We’ve got more episodes coming up, including interviews with Sophia Money-Coutts, Bryony Gordon and the Spectator’s editor, Fraser Nelson.

To subscribe, just click here to find Spectator Radio on the iTunes store.

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