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Introducing the Spectator Book Blog

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Welcome to the new Spectator Book Blog. We hope that the exchanges that were a feature of the Book Club’s old discussion boards will thrive in a more expansive space. In addition to the in-house team, the new blog will host independent bloggers and writers, providing a wide range of book reviews and discussion topics. And, as ever, the comments section is yours.

The Book Blog will also house the Spectator Book Club's Book of the Month feature. The current book of the month is Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman by Friedrich Christian Delius – which you can discuss in this post, or by following the link in the 'Book of the Month' box, located in the top right hand corner of every books page. And do feel free to make recommendations for future Books of the Month while you're there. The only criteria are that the book is available in English and in print; other than that, anything goes. We'll put these readers' recommendations to a vote every month.

Alongside all that, we've also got every single review from the books section of the magazine, and recommendations from people in and around the literary world. The first is from The Spectator's literary editor, Mark Amory. We hope you enjoy delving into our digital library.