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Is Kate Hoey backing Boris?

Is Kate Hoey backing Boris?
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Three Line Whip have been tracking a bit of mayoral election drama this morning.  On the way to Boris' campaign event today, Rosa Prince disclosed that a "special guest backer" would be unveiled - someone whose identity would drop a "bombshell" on Westminster.  Then Jonathan Isaby revealed both that the backer's Kate Hoey and that she's decided not to appear.  Apparently she's "really ill", although Isaby reckons it's because she could have been kicked off the Labour benches.

It's hard to know who'll win out of this.  It's a little embarrassing for Team Boris that Hoey didn't pitch.  But, then again, we now know that a prominent  Labour MP was prepared to publicly back the Tories' man.  That's hardly great news for Ken Livingstone, although - as yet another example of Labour dissent. - it's probably even worse for Gordon Brown.

UPDATE: Kate Hoey gives her side of events - she thinks her appearance wouldn't have amounted to an endorsement of Boris.