Peter Hoskin

Is No.10 losing faith in the “Tory cuts” attack?

Is No.10 losing faith in the "Tory cuts" attack?
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Reporting speculation that the Government will delay its departmental spending review, the FT contains this intriguing snippet:

"According to one Downing Street insider, there is a debate between those who believe that at least the top priorities for spending should be spelt out, so Labour can challenge the Conservatives on whether they will stick to those plans. Against that is the fear that if the general election becomes a debate over who is best placed to cut public spending, the electorate might favour the Conservatives."

This internal debate suggests that the Government's commitment to the "Tory cuts" attack is at least weakening.  The question now is whether that will embolden Cameron & Co to talk tougher on public spending, as they'll have to if they're to solve Labour's debt crisis.