Peter Hoskin

Is this how a Labour Opposition would attack a Tory Government?

Is this how a Labour Opposition would attack a Tory Government?
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An incisive column from Daniel Finkelstein this morning, which perfectly sets out how difficult managing the public finances will be for the next government.  This passage on public service reform is worth pulling out:

"The Tories will aim, of course, to make services more efficient and to get government out of wasteful projects altogether. Yet even this will prove hard. Reform costs money. Making people redundant, moving offices, sending out circulars full of new instructions, keeping interest groups happy while making controversial changes - it all costs money. And (here's a point I may not have mentioned) there is no money."

It's something which Team Cameron should bear in mind.  While their schools and welfare reform agendas would be more cost-effective in the long run, they will almost certainly require a hefty capital injection to start off with.  In an era when saving, not spending, money will be a political boon, I can almost envision a Labour Opposition leader disingenuously using this as an attack - something like: "Prime Minister, you said these so-called reforms would save money; instead, they're costing the British taxpayer even more!"  It would certainly be a bitterly ironic break from Brown and his increasingly misguided emphasis on 'Tory cuts'