David Blackburn

Islam4UK: the clue’s in the name

Islam4UK: the clue’s in the name
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Irony of ironies, proselytising liberal and convinced egalitarian, Anjem Choudary, told the Today programme that the banning of Islam4UK, al-Muhajiroun and their aliases is a ‘failure of democracy’. A further irony is that he is right, sort of. Alan Johnson's decision is understandable but incorrect; the surest way to silence these repugnant extremists and reactionaries is through equality and free debate, even though they hold those principles in contempt.

The members of Islam4UK abuse freedom to peddle their reactionary ideals and disregard their duties towards society, but that is no reason to proscribe the group. Unless it entertains something more tangibly serious than marches and hosting lunatics on its discussion boards, Islam4UK and its ilk should die a slow death in open debate.  Also, Johnson’s decision exacerbates the security threat. An organisation that is forced underground is far more attractive to unhinged radicals than the one that planned the ludicrous spectacle of rambling around the Cotswolds with 500 empty coffins.