Peter Hoskin

It’s all over now, Gordon Brown

It's all over now, Gordon Brown
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I wouldn't care to be a laser printer in No.10 this morning.  The papers are absolutely crammed with stories that are embarrassing, or just downright damaging, for Gordon Brown.  The Mail on Sunday claims that relations between Brown and Alistair Darling are at an "all time low", and reveals that the PM went into a rage during his meeting with David Cameron and Nick Clegg about expenses.  The Sunday Times reports that a minister has placed a "large bet" on Brown not winning the next election.  Both Andrew Rawsley and Martin Ivens make the point that New Labour is dead.  And, to top it all off, John Rentoul calls for our Dear Leader to step down.

The problem for Brown is that his opportunities for some sort of comeback are behind him.  The G20 summit and the Budget have been and gone without the slightest sign of a bounce.  And, if anything, there's worse yet to come.  The MoS has more details about the "panic" that's sweeping though the Government whips' office over the publication of MPs' expense receipts, which are rumoured to include claims for "helicopter journeys and holiday homes abroad".  So fasten your seatbelt, Prime Minister - it's going to be a bumpy few months.