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It’s his world, we just suffer in it

It's his world, we just suffer in it
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LOL-Cats are so yesterday. The new sensation sweeping the British blogosphere is the LOL-Blair. No wonder, given the former Prime Minister's modest ambitions:

After accepting a job as Middle East peace negotiator, a million dollar contract at JP Morgan, a high level role as a Rwanda advisor, a position on the Africa Progress Panel, an advisory position at Swiss insurer Zurich, a heavy-breathing flirtation with the idea of the EU presidency and an interfaith teaching position at Yale (which will be linked to the upcoming Tony Blair Faith Foundation),  Blair has today announced he will be leading an international team of global superheroes to produce a new global deal on climate change...

Who am I to sneer if Blair can secure a new global deal while simultaneously bringing peace to the Middle East and Rwanda (and progress to Africa), making a fair old mint at JP Morgan and Zurich and holding a professorship in faith and globalisation at Yale? He might even learn to distinguish between truth and sincerity on the way. But I do have a worry: with so many other balls in the air, when is he going to find time to run the Tony Blair Sports Foundation? And now especially, at exactly the time when it has just launched the Tony Blair Tennis Challenge, a tournament where budding tennis stars in the North East of England compete ruthlessly for the coveted Tony Blair Challenge Cup.

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