Jacob Rees-Mogg’s snap election warning

Jacob Rees-Mogg's snap election warning
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Jacob Rees'Mogg's appearance on the new Conservative Home Moggcast has caused a stir in Westminster. In the broadcast, the arch-eurosceptic – and chair of the European Research Group - questions Theresa May's commitment to Brexit:

'I fear we’re getting to the point where you wonder whether the Government really wants to leave at all.'

Although the comments are unlikely to go down well in Downing Street, there is one aspect of the Moggster's comments that will ease concern in No 10. On the recurring topic of an early election, Rees-Mogg says such talk is dangerous – and something that should be avoided:

'The national polling level is very encouraging. It's even led to some rather dangerous talk in my opinion of having another snap election but a fool returneth to his folly comes to mind. And I don't think this folly will be something we return to.'

Given that the source of the Sunday Times report suggesting MPs were preparing for an early election is thought to be frustrated Brexiteers at a meeting of the ERG, Rees-Mogg's words suggest that the number of Tory MPs really willing to go there is minimal at best.