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Jeremy Corbyn always blames Britain first

Jeremy Corbyn always blames Britain first
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Jeremy Corbyn and his crowd always blame Britain first, I argue in The Sun today. They view the West as being responsible for the world’s ills.

It was this worldview that led Corbyn to say in his first speech since the Manchester attack that British foreign policy increases the risk of terrorism at home. Now, to my mind, his view is wrong headed for the reason I outlined here.

If Corbyn were to become PM, the country would be led by someone who regards Britain as part of the problem, not part of the solution. Up to now, the Tories haven’t been vocal enough about making this point. Yesterday, with Fallon, Boris Johnson and Theresa May’s words they began to. But they need to hammer this message home in the next 12 days.

Five terrorist attacks have been foiled in the past four weeks. Even before the Manchester attack, we were living through a heightened period of terrorist activity. The first duty of government is to keep its citizens safe and it is hard to see how Jeremy Corbyn with his anti-Western approach to the world could do that.