Jeremy Corbyn causes problems for Newsnight

Jeremy Corbyn causes problems for Newsnight
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Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership bid has so far managed to inspire a legion of new supporters to join the Labour party. Alas, his unexpected popularity is also causing a problem for some members of the media.

After the Guardian launched an in-house investigation into whether their own Corbyn coverage was bias against him, Emily Maitlis, who has interviewed him for tonight's Newsnight, has written a gushing blog post titled 'Prepping to meet "the man of the moment"'.  In it, she says that his tendency to veer off from textbook politician answers caused her a problem when preparing for the interview:

'On the train to Leeds my producer Ed Brown and I are putting together a list of questions for Jeremy Corbyn. As usual, we start to role-play the interview to work out how it would take shape. Then something funny happens. Ed stops. Looks puzzled and says "I've just worked out I can't imitate Corbyn's voice. I don't actually know what he'd say."

It is a unique moment for a political producer. Usually, we can get the script word perfect. And the intonation to boot. How they start a sentence. And how they will avoid the question. It's to Corbyn's credit that we cannot - yet - second guess him.'

Happily, the interview went well despite this obstacle, with Maitlis complimenting Corbyn on his sincerity. 'We've come a long way from Gordon Brown's Arctic Monkeys. Long may it last,' she writes. However, given that Corbyn's rival Andy Burnham previously listed the same band when asked about his own musical tastes, Mr S wonders whether the Beeb are beginning to show a different side of Corbyn bias.