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Jesse Helms is Dead

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Colour me unmoved. I notice that, so far at any rate, all the contributors at The Corner are too busy hailing the former Senator's service and lauding his fervent anti-communism to note that these convictions led him to embrace some, shall we say, distasteful allies?

From a British point of view, Helms' most significant, or at any rate telling, moment may have been his embrace of the Argentine military junta after it invaded the Falkland Islands. Helms believed that Washington should support Galtieri's vile regime since to do otherwise would "destroy the coalition we must have if we are to prevent a Communist takeover of Central America."

It's always good to know who your friends are, isn't it? Needless to say, this was crackpot nonsense of the highest-order and, alas, the sort of frothing lunacy that still seems to command respect from mainstream American conservatives.

Telegraph obituary here.

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