Johann Hari’s apology gets lost in the post

Johann Hari's apology gets lost in the post
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Over the pond journalists are one by one being accused of plagiarism, while here our old friend Johann Hari popped back up on my radar. Though the Indy columnist was eventually disgraced for conducting mythical interviews, he never properly addressed other accusations of smearing rivals and colleagues on Wikipedia and in comment sections across the internet. But has he finally apologised to Cristina Odone, one of his more unfortunate victims? She certainly deserves an apology given Hari's alter ego David Rose falsely accused her of anti-semitism and homophobia.

According to Guardian columnist Patrick Strudwick, she has finally received one. While berating journalists for keeping pressure on Hari to own up, Strudwick also claimed he knew 'for a fact' that Johann had sent a letter of apology to Odone 'a few weeks ago'. Friends of Ms. Odone are adamant she has received no such apology. Strudwick can't shed any light: 'if she hasn't received it I have no idea why'. But if Hari's history is anything to go by, I have a pretty good idea why Odone is still waiting.

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