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Just in case you missed them... | 11 January 2010

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Comments are some of the posts made at over the weekend.

Fraser Nelson reveals the full horror of the Brown administration, and analyses David Cameron’s performance on the Andrew Marr show.

James Forsyth argues that Darling’s intervention is a very significant moment, and argues that the Cabinet’s lack of love for Brown is a gift to the Tories.

Peter Hoskin tells a tale of two interviews, and says that Darling's honesty is good news for the country but tricky news for Labour.

David Blackburn objects to the Tories’ commitment to the sacrosanct NHS, and wonders if Geoff Hoon will strike again.

Daniel Korski ponders the forthcoming security and defence review.

Martin Bright admits overestimating the Labour party.

Susan Hill identifies the political ramifications of the big freeze.

Alex Massie attacks our dismal politics.

Rod Liddle has more weather forecasts.

Melanie Phillips recommends Wolf Hall.

And Cappuccino Culture advises against carrying on with Cleo.