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Just in case you missed them… | 12 April 2010

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Spectator Live - the Spectator's new election microsite - has had a busy weekend.  Click here to access the homepage.  Read new contributions from our panellists Gaby Hinsliff, Tim Montgomerie and Rory Sutherland.  Or check out our latest poll results.

Here's what happened across the rest of

Fraser Nelson takes The Times to task over its coverage of the marriage tax break, and makes the case for voting Conservative.

James Forsyth previews the candidates’ debate, and wonders if Blair’s respect for the office of Prime Minister will extend Cameron.

Peter Hoskin analyses the Liberals’ and Labour’s response to the marriage tax, and finds Labour up to no good.

David Blackburn says the election is a good time to bury bad news, and ask if it pays politicians to be mendacious.

Daniel Korksi on Poland’s tragedy.

And Martin Bright wonders what makes a Labour candidate unsuitable.