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Just in case you missed them... | 18 October 2010

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Comments are some posts made on over the weekend:

Fraser Nelson wonders what will become of the Home Office in the Spending Review, and highlights the immigration game.

James Forsyth sets out what Liam Fox can learn from IDS, and reports that George Osborne is getting behind infrastructure.

Peter Hoskin tracks the latest welfare cuts, and watches the universities strike back.

David Blackburn speculates as to why the Tories didn't win a majority, and observes the government protect more spending.

Martin Bright says that Ed Miliband has had a good week, but warns that there are another 200 to go.

Rod Liddle wonders why James Delingpole has gone politically correct.

Alex Massie presents some Sunday Morning Country.

And the Spectator Arts Blog reviews a new exhibition of Dutch landscapes.