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Just in case you missed them... | 23 February 2009

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Comments are some of the posts made over the weekend on

Fraser Nelson says that David Cameron needs to level with the public, and observes that Jade Goody's dying wish indicts the British education system.

James Forsyth urges British politicians to start talking about Iran, and notes that Gordon Brown still believes.

Peter Hoskin previews a flurry of government activity, and comments on the extent of Allen Stanford's fakery.

Alex Massie picks up on Polly Toynbee's Captain Oates analogy.

Martin Bright asks whether anyone feels sorry for Tessa Jowell.

Clive Davis jots another entry in his notebook.

Melanie Phillips wonders whether there's been an American addition to the Islamists' armoury.

And Americano discusses Rahm Emanuel.