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Just in case you missed them… | 25 October 2010

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…here are some of the posts made at over the weekend.

Fraser Nelson reveals that rising living costs will be far deadlier than the cuts, and introduces George Osborne – the Paul Daniels of the political world.

James Forsyth says that the Liberal Democrats have been changed forever by the past week, and thinks that the coalition may live on, even in the event of a Tory majority.

Peter Hoskin watches the government go for growth, and ponders an important intervention from Douglas Alexander.

David Blackburn notes that David Cameron is using a moral lexicon, and considers the latest WikiLeaks revelations.

Martin Bright says that confusion reigns.

Susan Hill distils the welfare to work debate.

Rod Liddle asks if the BBC is biased.

And Melanie Phillips welcomes you to Londonistan.