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Just in case you missed them... | 26 April 2010

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…here are some of the posts made at over the weekend.

Fraser Nelson explains why Cameron is right about the regions, and argues that the Tories must work harder to sell the Gove schools plans.

James Forsyth watches Cameron make the Big Society more accessible, and catches Cable flip-flopping on yet another issue.

Peter Hoskin wonders who the Lib Dems will work with, and observes the Tories growing used to the idea of a hung parliament.

David Blackburn considers Labour’s Catch 22.

Daniel Korski reports on some American scepticism of the Tories’ Euroscepticism.

Martin Bright urges Gordon Brown to manage himself with dignity.

Rod Liddle questions Peter Mandelson’s strategic nous.

Alex Massie reckons everyone’s wrong about a Tory/Lib coalition.

And Cappuccino Culture says that history doesn’t always remember the winners.