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Just in case you missed them… | 4 May 2010

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…here are some of the posts made at over the weekend.

Over at Spectator Live, Gaby Hinsliff argues that sometimes are at their best in a crisis.

Fraser Nelson says that Cameron will walk the line, and explains why the Guardian should have backed the Tories.

James Forsyth highlights the ‘what if’ that must haunt Labour, and considers Nick Clegg’s next test.

Peter Hoskin reports that the Brownites still think they can win, and is reminded of the grim Islamist threat.

David Blackburn is wary of the Tories plans to co-operate with Unionists in Ulster.

Daniel Korski says that Gordon Brown knows he’s finished.

Martin Bright notes some old comrades returning to the Labour fold.

Rod Liddle has one crumb of comfort for Gordon.

And Alex Massie lists the reasons to like Nick Clegg.