Peter Hoskin

Just whom will the Lib Dems work with, then?

Just whom will the Lib Dems work with, then?
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Two noteworthy entries, today, in the will-they-won't-they game of coalition government.  The first from Nick Clegg in the Sunday Times:

"You can’t have Gordon Brown squatting in No 10 just because of the irrational idiosyncrasies of our electoral system."


"Nick Clegg cannot work with David Cameron ... We could not go into a coalition with the Tories, it wouldn't work."


In the end, I suppose that we shall just have to wait and see.  But if anything is more likely than not, after all the intrigue and speculation of the past few weeks, then I'd say it's that Clegg won't work with Brown.  And that's more of a headache for Labour than it is for the Tories.

UPDATE: Clegg has just added another dollop of confusion into the mix on Marr.  From what I could make out, he'd work with anyone who supported Lib Dem policies, but wouldn't support a Labour PM if Labour finished third in the popular vote.  So that leaves a coalition with a third-placed Labour party open - but with someone other than Brown as leader, and with a Lib Dem Prime Minister in Number Ten.  I think.